Your questions

There are several ways you can find out more about this project. On this page, you can also find out answers to some of the questions that are being asked.  Or you can go to our Explore the proposal page.

How do I ask questions at the Q&A event?

The Q&A events are being held from this site on 

• Day XX Month at XXpm
• Day XX Month at XXpm
• Day XX Month at XXpm

You can ask questions in three ways. 

1.  Go to the Q&A event. Below the video is a box for you to write in your questions.  if you prefer not to register, you can watch the event on the stream page.

2.  During and immediately before the event, the event hotline will be open on 0800 511 8225 to take your questions.  This line will take your question, your name and address, and pass these to the event chair for answer during the Q&A event.  Please note this event hotline is not for general project enquiries.

3.  You can submit video questions for a Q&A event on our You Say page.  You need to submit these video questions at least one hour before the event.  By submitting your video question, you are permitting us to play your video during one of the live Q&A events.

After the events, a video record of each event will be placed on the event page, and we would welcome your feedback on the Your View page.  

Throughout the project, you can call us on our project hotline, 0800 955 1042, which is open during office hours (please note this is a different number to the event hotline).  You can email us at our project email address [email protected].  Or you can pop a letter in the post free, to FREEPOST RTXU-JGSR-KHLE, Your Shout, 312 China Works, SE1 7SJ.