Building design and sustainability

The rooftop extension will align with the fund’s aims to be carbon neutral. The building will target a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating and will take a ‘Fabric first’ approach to building sustainability, meaning the building will be designed in order to minimise carbon emissions. 

There is also the potential for solar panels to be installed.

The whole building and area around the building will see some design changes, not just the extension. The project team want to take this opportunity and improve the building and make it look lovely for years to come. 

There will be planted pergola on the sixth floor in order to create continuity between the existing building and the new storeys proposed. This will also help to green the building, making it look more attractive visually for passers by.

It is also proposed to replace the existing metal 'scaffold' type railings with new glass balustrades

In addition there will be improvements to Hartfield Road. New trees will be planted around the building to enhance Hartfield Road and New York style stone paving will replace the damaged and broken paving outside Wimbledon Bridge House.

The interior of the building will also be changed. The refurbishments will include upgrades to the entrance hall and building atrium. 

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